2020 Covid-19 and roadmap update

An update on updates (how meta!)

First off, let me say I hope you are all keeping safe, healthy and secure.

In these changing times, it saddens me that one of my favourite ways to connect with fans and fellow artisans — local markets and shows — is unavailable for the near future. I would typically do over 50 shows a year to meet and chat with so many of you. I have no confirmed summer markets as of now.

At the same time, however, it means that I’ll be able to turn my attention to some other channels that could use some love — namely, my booth at the Arts Market, my wonderful stockists who are adapting and pivoting their businesses, corporate orders, and my online channels.

I'm going to post regular updates so you can read about the road ahead for me and my business. I’ll print similar updates at my booth in the Arts Market, so you can still get news when you’re unplugged and out and about.

I’ve always made sure that I’m available for any of your questions through social media @awordinthewoods or the contact page on my website, and that will absolutely continue to be the case.

Looking forward

  1. I’m thrilled that you love my small accessories like card sleeves and keyfobs (especially the keyfobs with solid brass loops to attach to your belt/bag/pockets)!

    They make great unique gifts, so I’ll definitely keep making them, but if there’s a specific variation you’re interested in, let me know.

  2. You now have the option to pick up items from the Arts Market whenever you contact me personally for a custom project.

  3. THE BIG NEWS: I’m excited to announce that Apple Watch straps will be a permanent à la carte offering in the near future! I’ll have stock available in June, and will roll out more traditional straps throughout the summer.

    Like all of my signature items, each strap will be painstakingly made by hand. I love the marriage of natural materials and modern technology, and I’m very much looking forward to this line.
Stay tuned for more updates, stay healthy, and take care!