August update

Thanks for all of your wonderful support, and I'm glad you're loving my mask designs!

I spent a lot of time on making them as well-fitting, adjustable, and comfortable for wearing for long periods of time, as well as to allow for quick temporary on/off use for places like restaurants (for both servers and patrons). Especially in the heat of the summer, comfort is a huge issue, and one of my priorities was to REDUCE FOGGING in glasses, and I feel my design has done that quite well.

Does this recent focus on masks mean that I'm no longer doing leatherwork? Absolutely NOT! We are, however, still in a position where I'm prioritizing making masks for both sale to the public and donation. It's a temporary pivot, but I feel it is important for our communities to do what we can to keep each other safe... and it doesn't hurt to look good and feel comfortable while doing so!

I'm adding some new and modern tools to my arsenal which will expand what I can do for custom work down the line, and I'm excited to dial in some new textures and techniques in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out here and on my social channels (@awordinthewoods) to see what I'm up to!