Thoughts on packaging + upcoming products

I have a love-hate relationship with packaging. As a designer and creator, I love the opportunity that good packaging presents to inform and communicate with you, the browsing shopper. I also like the fact that it protects the product from undue wear and damage (although mostly aesthetic) before it makes its way into its owners’ hands.

On the other hand, I abhor the fact that every scrap of packaging, necessary or not, will potentially contribute to more waste, be it in landfill space, extra fuel and water costs for manufacturing and transportation, or resources spent on recycling.

I also know that many times, especially with products like those I make, the decision-making experience is a tangible one. I’m confident that you’ll be happy with the quality of my work, but you should be free to examine it and decide that for yourself.

A lot of times, the tradeoff results in perfectly fine items with a scratch or a scrape that is no longer suitable for ‘as new’ sales.

I’m considering putting those ‘seconds’ items up periodically on my instagram feed, and making them available for purchase. It'll be a great way for folks to get some good deals.

Follow me at @awordinthewoods for details when those go up for grabs!

Looking forward

  1. Leather Guitar pick packs are right around the corner here!

I’ve been playing with these for the last while on my 12-string, and they sound great! Like felt picks, they wear differently than plastic, but so far, it hasn’t been detrimental to the sound in the least.

    Look forward to thicker options and 2-ply later this summer!

  2. Facemasks will be a way of life in the near future, but mass-manufactured disposable ones are can be very wasteful, and don’t leave much room for personal style. There are some lovely ones available from my fellow makers, and I will be adding my own options in that space in the near future.

    My designs are comfortable, made to high quality standards using heirloom-quality quilting cotton, and most importantly, are adjustable to fit properly.