2-Layer Pleated Face Mask
2-Layer Pleated Face Mask
2-Layer Pleated Face Mask
2-Layer Pleated Face Mask
2-Layer Pleated Face Mask
2-Layer Pleated Face Mask
2-Layer Pleated Face Mask

2-Layer Pleated Face Mask

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Thanks for your interest! I'm currently out of online stock, but you can find my masks for sale in store at the Riverside Arts Market at 790 Queen Street East.

If you'd like to make your own, I've posted step-by-step instructions for building my mask design. I'd love to see your results! Feel free to tag me in instagram @awordinthewoods 


Photos to come. I get all excited and package everything up to put on the shelves, so I haven't properly photographed them yet!

Colour options will be limited runs, so some photographed examples may not be available. I promise you they will all be amazing, however.

Many places around the world now require the use of face coverings in public indoor spaces. These reusable fabric masks are a great way of staying stylish and respecting the health of your fellow community members.


  • Individually packaged, makes a great gift!

  • Contains new material only

  • 100% high-quality quilting cotton

  • Washable, reusable

  • Vibrant designer prints

  • Metal insert for a tighter seal around the bridge of the nose:
      Reduces fogging in glasses
      Reduces unwanted shifting

  • Three feet of continuous ¼” wide elastic tie secures comfortably around the head for ample fit options
    •  avoids pulling on the ears
    •  perfect for toque wearers when the colder weather hits, eh!


    All masks are dark on the outside, and light on the inside.

    I will be doing limited releases of different colours and patterns at regular intervals.

    Due to differences in displays and settings, colours may not be exactly as shown. Contact me if you have a specific colour preference.

    Design Choices

    Ok, so maybe I over-engineered this design (rolled edges and turned seams everywhere!), but if we’re going to be wearing these masks often (and we should, especially if distancing is not possible) I wanted to make sure it fit properly, used quality materials, and showed more character and style than the usual surplus stash of mass-produced synthetic masks.

    I sourced breathtaking (not literally) archival-quality prints that won’t fade over time.


    Fabric Swatches

    opted for pleats over the curved mask design, for better universal fit and comfort, which also avoids a vertical seam in front of your mouth and on the bridge of your nose.

    The elastic slides freely through the side channels, and can be repaired or replaced as needed.

    Instead of ear loops, I adopted the retention style of many N95 masks meant to be worn for longer periods of time without adjustment after initial placement.

    I also use the same style of aluminum flexible nose bridge, but incorporate it into the inside of the mask.

    Both my sewing machine and I are close to 50 years old, so while the seams may not be computer-automation-perfect, I can assure you that they’re strong, and, like all of my products, designed to last.

    Not for medical use

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    🍁  Proudly made by hand in Canada. 

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